Wedding Steak Menu

wedding menu

As you already know, on this website, we are all about Steak. And guess what important moment in my life I had great steak at? Yes, at my wedding. My wife decided she was going to follow a wedding checklist timeline for our wedding plans. I really didn’t mind to go along with everything she wanted. Want a pink theme? Ok. Want 10 bridesmaids? As you wish. However, when it came to the food that we were going to serve, I had my strong opinions.

I said, “Darling, I’m happy with all of the planning, as long as part of the menu includes a GOOD steak and potatoes for me. Oh, and don’t forget the traditional steak sauce.”

Thankfully, that was an easy pitch and we started searching for caterers. Now, if you live in the south like us, there is an infinite possibility of options. And if I am really honest with you, that was one of the greatest experiences of my life (you can tell I’m a huge foodie right?) Here’s what it was like, we went to different catering who had a whole set of steak options for us to taste. Can you believe that?

We had t-bone steak, filet Mignon, NY steak with mushroom sauce. You name it! Ultimately we went for the filet Mignon. (Because that’s how we roll…) Chose a decent mashed potatoes with gravy on the side. My wife wanted to have some of the women friendly asparagus, Caesar salad, asparagus, grilled veggies and cheesecake for dessert (as if the cake wasn’t enough)!

So guys, why am I telling you this? I want you to know that you can totally take control of your wedding menu if you are a steak lover like me. Yes, I enjoyed the rest of that wedding, but the menu, I’m glad I had a say with the menu.

Favorite Steakhouse

steakhouse houston

Steakhouse in Houston

As you may know, we are all about home grilling. Once in a while though, we chose to go outside and dine in a restaurant. Our favorite restaurant lately is a Steakhouse Houston called Tango & Malbec. We are in love with their lunch special.

Their lunch special includes a 3 course meal for only $22. That’s a bargain for this fine dining restaurant!

I usually start with the soup and my wife orders the salad. For our meal, I always go with the Brazilian Cut Steak, my wife tends to lean toward the fish. To finish off, we usually alternate on the dessert. Last time I ordered their chocolate cake and my wife ordered the coconut flan. Man, that meal was epic!

I recommend it.

Veggie Grill



Well, who said that a grill only has to be about steak, hotdogs and burgers? We are exploring what it is like to have a grill full of veggies and vegan food. Are you motivated to do the same. The results we got weren’t bad.  We hope you will give this restaurant a chance too.