Favorite Steakhouse

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Steakhouse in Houston

As you may know, we are all about home grilling. Once in a while though, we chose to go outside and dine in a restaurant. Our favorite restaurant lately is a Steakhouse Houston called Tango & Malbec. We are in love with their lunch special.

Their lunch special includes a 3 course meal for only $22. That’s a bargain for this fine dining restaurant!

I usually start with the soup and my wife orders the salad. For our meal, I always go with the Brazilian Cut Steak, my wife tends to lean toward the fish. To finish off, we usually alternate on the dessert. Last time I ordered their chocolate cake and my wife ordered the coconut flan. Man, that meal was epic!

I recommend it.

Veggie Grill



Well, who said that a grill only has to be about steak, hotdogs and burgers? We are exploring what it is like to have a grill full of veggies and vegan food. Are you motivated to do the same. The results we got weren’t bad.  We hope you will give this restaurant a chance too.